Tool Sheaths

For billhooks, axes, chisels, carving knifes, draw knifes, and more.

Cover up them edges!


Leather Belts

Full grain UK veg-tanned leather.
Solid cast brass buckles.

Chunky and strong, made to fit and last.


Leather Journals

Midori, Moleskine and standard A5/A6 sizes.

A leather cover for your most precious words.


Bags and Slips

Rugged cases for laptops, iPads, phones, files...

Be the envy of the other commuters!


Wood Turnery

Goblets, mushrooms and
martial arts sticks!

Local wood, carefully harvested and worked.



Traditional English willow

Grown at home, woven by hand.


Creating in Harmony With Nature

Tony Morgan started experimenting with a pole lathe and shave horse in 1994 as a way to make wooden products by hand without using any tools that use electricity. He has continued to make high quality craft items ever since by using traditional methods and developing new ones. His timber comes from locally managed, sustainable broadleaf and coppiced woodlands.

Tony has also been weaving willow baskets since 2003 using a mixture of home-grown willow and farmed willow from Somerset.

As well as working with willow and wood Tony has been hand-stitching leather bags and tool sheaths since 2007 using traditional techniques and now produces a selection of hand-stitched leather goods. Most of the leather comes from UK hides, veg-tanned in Britain.

Tony lives with his wife and son in the North West of England.

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Co-operative Working and Sustainable Wood

The Coppice Co-op

I'm a member of The Coppice Co-op, a workers co-operative based near Silverdale, North Lancashire. We work the woodlands in the local area, mostly coppiced woodlands where much of my wood comes from.

More about The Coppice Co-op

Basket Weaving and Leather Work Courses


I currently run two courses, one on how to make a traditional English round willow basket and the other on how to make various tool sheaths (both run through the Coppice Co-op).

Make a Willow Basket Make a Leather Tool Sheath

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There are currently three ways to buy my items!

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I'm gradually making all my products available to buy directly from my shop. There's a new little shopping basket in the top-right of every page (yes, it really is a reduced image of one of my baskets!) which you can click to see what's in your basket. Only some products can be bought this way at the moment, but over the next few months more and more products will be available through my shop. Otherwise, see below...:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good price?

The products I make are high quality that will last a lifetime, if looked after, so you only pay once! This isn't plastic, it's real!

What if it breaks?

I have such confidence in the durability of my leather products that I offer a free repair service. If it breaks (after sensible use and care) then just post it back and I'll fix it for free.

Who else has bought from you?

I usually get great feedback. Read some of my Testimonials.

How do I pay?

The easiest way to pay is with PayPal, but other methods are available. See my sections on how to Buy From Me.

Can I get this cheaper elsewhere?

Absolutely, but the options for cheaper aren't great. A cheaper bag may have been made on the other side of the world and so will have a larger carbon footprint. Or it will have been stitched on a machine, which is fundamentally much weaker and more susceptible to breaking than hand stitching.

How do I know my tools will fit the leather sheath?

All I need is a photograph and some simple meaurements and I'll be able to make a sheath to fit. I've been doing this for years now and have only had one item that was a little too tight (which was easily rectified). I make sheaths slightly on the tight side because the leather naturally softens and molds to the shape of your tool for a perfect made-to-measure result.

How long will it take you to make me my thing?

This depends on what you want me to make, but I can usually make your item and post it to you within a week. If you need it quicker then please contact me and I'll let yoou know what I can do.

Testimonials / Customer Feedback

Phil, Devon, June 2016

I am so so pleased with the chisel roll, I cannot tell you how pleased. The workmanship is amazing, the individual chisel pockets work brilliantly and are really cleverly crafted, the colour is perfect, I love everything about it. I have followed your instructions already and moulded the roll to my chisels and they fit perfectly.

Denise, Somerset, Feb 2016

The axe sheath has just arrived and it fits like a glove - you clever, clever man! Thank you so much - your work is beautiful.

Rob, Monmouthshire, Jan 2016

[The notebook] arrived safely. I love it already. Thanks. I’ll be in touch again.

Neil, Derbyshire, Jan 2016

Thank you bodgerMorgan for the rather lovely hand-crafted leather journal. Great to find your work.

Dave, Warwickshire, Jan 2016

Tony, it [billhook sheath] arrived today and it's PERFECT !!!! You're a very talented chap! Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure to do business with you and I hope to be able to use you again. Thanks again from a very pleased Dave!

Mike, Devon, Dec 2015

I would like to buy my father a right handed bill hook sheath for Christmas. I recently brought one of yours for myself and I am very pleased with it, it's really handy.
Thank you again for the Sheath it was much appreciated! I also like the new design of the belt loops too.

Connor, Surrey, Dec 2015

My billhook sheath arrived today. It is brilliant, top notch quality thick leather, the billhook sits tight in the sheath and looks good on the belt. Thanks also for the little card, good to know about how to care for the product, I would want no less then to have the sheath last many years.

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Denise, October 2015

The Billhook Belt Sheath has just arrived! It is beautifully made from high quality hide, and the workmanship is first class. This sheath well deserves the moniker 'Premium'. My Billhook fits it to perfection.

Paul, Lancashire, Sept 2015:

Outstanding craftsmanship. I love them [martial arts sticks]. Thanks!!!

Cyrille, Oxfordshire, Aug 2015:

I’ve just received the Dahn Bong pair [martial arts sticks]. I really like them: they look very nice and, most importantly, feel very good in the hands. Very smooth, good weight, and good grip. Sadly I now need to contain my eager to practice until tonight…
Thank you for your help, and the great product!

Antonio, Gwynedd, Aug 2015

Really well made, attractive basket. Highly recommended!

Maurice, Newcastle, February 2015:

Many thanks for the belt sheath for billhooks. Quality is very good indeed, absolutely lovely.

Susan, Cumbria, Sept 2014:

It's arrived [knife pouch] and is perfect, thank you, beautifully made and beautiful to look at and handle. The leather manages to be moulded and yet flexible , the stitching is precise, the finish professional. Jenny Crisp introduced me to the Vergez Blanchard knife and it is the first one I have ever felt comfortable with so it deserves a proper sheath. I will enjoy using them both for a lifetime.

Bruce, Fife, July 2014:

Just picked up the Dahn Bong today and they are fantastic, very pleased with these.

Rob, Powys, June 2014:

Thanks again for a great job [knife pouch]

Mark, Edinburgh, May 2013

The goblets of course went down a storm at the wedding, thanks so much buddy!

Terence, The Netherlands, Sept 2012

This afternoon I recieve your parcel with the beautifull Yuhl Bong's [martial arts sticks], in one word you have make it exelent my friend, and I am very glad with them.

Sandi, Dorset, Dec 2011

It [wooden goblet] arrived safely this morning...Thank you so much! It just couldnt be more perfect! I love the way it sits in my hand, i didnt want to put it down, the solid stem has the perfect shape and a silky feel. In fact its a very feminine shape so will be perfect as a Goddess loving cup. The grain is beautiful and I love the idea of the tree regrowing having been coppiced. All these things seem fitting!
Thank you also for the details on how to look after our goblet. My temptation was to sit it in pride of place in the sitting room and admire it but I am being good! It will reside in our chilly kitchen until its had time to season. Still in pride of place on the mantle piece! Tonight we charge it and take it wassailing then our beautiful goblet will be put away until our big day.
Thanks again Tony, it may sound silly but you have made my year. It was important to me to find the right cup, made in the right way from the right wood and even by the right person and i have done exactly that! I have saved your website to favourites and will no doubt be in touch again.