bM Leather

Hard wearing leather

I design and make all of my leather goods by hand and use only natural ingredients and love the qualities of leather.

The leather is made traditionally by tanneries in the uk from animal skins that grew up nearby. I use water-based leather dyes on some items and all my items are finished with natural oils and local beeswax. I stitch with a strong, polyester thread which doesn't suffer from being damp and won't let you down and I use solid brass buckles and fittings.

I now have a new website to showcase my leather goods:

Tool Sheaths

My journey into leather work began when I started to make sheaths for my wood-working tools. Click a tool for more details or contact me for something specific:

Bags and Slips

Rugged bags and cases for laptops, iPads, phones, tablets, files and equipment.

Other Items

If you're looking for something else then here are a few ideas. Or please email me if you have your own thoughts.

Leather Choices

I use various types of leather, some dyed, others left natural. Here are the choices.

Cow Hide -
Cow Hide -
Light Brown
Cow Hide -
Dark Brown
Cow Hide -
Cow Hide -
Dark Green
Red Deer Skin -
Red Deer Skin -
Light Brown

Hides/skins properties:

British vegetable-tanned cow hide - very strong, solid and thick.
British red deer - lovely grain/texture.
British stallion - very strong and smooth.
Ethiopian pull-up - two-tone dark leather designed to take on an old look.

Traditional Techniques

I use traditional techniques using a variety of tools The video below shows me stitching a glasses case (some sections have been speeded up and sorry about the blurred camera).

Click here to view video on YouTube