bM Willow

Durable and natural baskets
Hand woven by Tony Morgan

I design and make all of my leather goods by hand. I use only natural ingredients and love the qualities of leather.

The leather is made traditionally by tanneries in the uk from animal skins that grew up nearby. I use water-based leather dyes on some items. All my items are finished with natural oils and local beeswax. I stitch with a strong, polyester thread which doesn't suffer from being damp and won't let you down. I use solid brass buckles and fittings.


My journey into leather work began when I started to make sheaths for my wood-working tools. Click a tool for more details or contact me for something specific:

Home Grown Willow

I grow willow in my back garden - 150 trees in a surprisingly small area! These produce enough rods to make about 10 baskets each year, so these baskets are special. Every winter I cut them right back so they produce new rods during the summer. If I need more then I buy my willow from friends in Cumbria or from the main Somerset willow growers.

Traditional Techniques

I use traditional techniques that have probably been used for thousands of years. A knife, pair of secateurs, a bodkin and my fingers are all that's needed! The video below shows me finishing a large round basket by adding the top border.

Click here to view video on YouTube