bM Wood

Local green timber from sustainable woodlands
Hand turned and carved by Tony Morgan

I use traditional tools and techniques preferring to use human power rather than electricity. I use a pole lathe, which is powered by foot, to create round objects such as goblets, bowls and martial arts equipment. Where I can I'll use the properties of the wood to help me produce a shape, such as curves. I mainly use fresh wood which is easier to work, and then allow my items to dry slowly to prevent splitting. I also start by splitting logs in half which immediately removes the stresses from the wood, preventing it from splitting.

Turned Wood

Martial Arts Sticks

Choices of Wood

Here are the different varieties of wood I use. They all grow locally here and come from well managed sustainable woodlands.


Spalted Birch

Wood properties:

Oak - Strong and dark heartwood.
Ash - Light in colour and capable of withstanding hard knocks.
Yew - Beautiful grain. Dark heartwood and creamy sapwood. Solid.
Birch - Soft and light-weight.
Spalted Birch - amazingly beautiful grain but not very strong.
Maple - Strong and beautiful.

Traditional Techniques

bodger Morgan makes a goblet

Tony Morgan demonstrating how to make a goblet (or as far as he got) at the Working Woodlands event at Farfield Mill.

Posted by BodgerMorgan on Tuesday, 10 April 2012